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Concrete Roofs
Membrane covered concrete slabs

Leaking roofs with a membrane covered concrete slabs can be repaired ,without removing the membrane. In fact the membrane, if still in a fairly good condition, assist us in keeping the pressures such that the porous screed layers below can be penetrated to form a waterproof barrier, even if the seams on the membrane leaks. At the same time, all joints and parapet walls, where applicable, are targeted to offer a fast, efficient, guaranteed result.
  • Another membrane covered concrete roof sealed with injection waterproofing
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  • Injection waterproofing of concrete factory roof with existing torch-on membrane, and parapet walls. Existing membrane, although leaking, were still functional enough to utilize the injection system
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  • Residential concrete roof successfully waterproofed with our injection method. In this specific case, 80% of the membrane were still usable, while the remaining 20% were simply replaced
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  • Commercial membrane covered roof repaired with injection waterproofing
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  • Typical concrete roof, sealed with our injection system. No removal of installed equipment were necessary. Fast, efficient and cost effective. Guaranteed.
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  • Residential concrete roof
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