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Chemical Injection and Spray Applied Waterproofing Solutions

Expansion and Construction Joints
Remedial injection waterproofing designed for all types of joints, cracks and honeycombing in concrete

Now it's easy to repair and stop water leaks through expansion joints, construction joints and wet joints. With accurate drilling to intercept the joints or cracks in concrete, our high pressure chemical products can be injected into the crack or joint to form a seamless, flexible and permanent barrier against moisture migration or water leaks.

Epoxy bonding can also be included as part of the solutions. The same principal applies to honeycombing in concrete slabs and walls where the pathway of the moisture or water is stopped within the structure.

High pressure injection waterproofing makes all of this possible, with guaranteed results.
  • Construction joint or expansion joint? Weak point and source of water leakage
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  • Water seepage through the failed measures in the expansion joint
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  • Honeycombing in concrete slab creating excessive cracking and water penetration
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  • Typical cracks in concrete slabs that are sealed and bonded with injection waterproofing
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  • Knock tank leak before injection waterproofing
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  • Knock tank after injection waterproofing
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