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Chemical Injection and Spray Applied Waterproofing Solutions

Full Bores and Drainage Systems
Remedial injection waterproofing around full bores or drainage systems in concrete slabs and walls

Traditionally, waterproofing around pipes and drainage systems running through concrete slabs proved to be very difficult. With our structural injection waterproofing, it becomes a non-issue, as the seal between the drainage pipe and the structure is seamless and effective with our injection system. In fact, if you've accepted our solution for a tiled slab, the drainage systems on the deck are included by default. Please don't hesitate to contact us for a free quotation. Numerous references available for the Western Cape.
  • Steel Pipe with Collar through Cast Concrete Retaining Wall
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  • Drainage from Walkway
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  • Steel Pipe through Concrete Slab
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  • Horizontal Pipe through Wall
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  • Steel Utility Pipes through Concrete Slab
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  • Fullbore leaking around outlet into concrete slab
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