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Rising Damp
Remedial injection waterproofing to repair faulty DPC layers

Remedial repair of defective DPC layers in a cavity wall is possible and effective by injection waterproofing. Not only is the bottom of the cavity targeted, but also the joints between the floor and the wall. Cavity wall treatment will stop rising damp. To stop water penetration through retaining walls, wether a cavity or concrete filled cavity, please be sure to look at how underground structures are treated.
  • Remedial injection waterproofing of bottom of cavity wall and joints between wall/floor/foundation will stop water rising through the defective DPC layer.
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  • In addition to the walls, the floor and joints between the floor and walls will be targeted to effectively tank the interior of the structure against moisture ingress.
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  • Rising damp
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  • Proven effective results in cavity walls
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