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Chemical Injection and Spray Applied Waterproofing Solutions

Tiled Decks and Patios
Remedial injection waterproofing of tiled concrete slabs without removal of tiles

Tiled concrete decks with traditionally installed membranes below the tiles, can easily be re-sealed by drilling 5mm holes between the tiles in the grouted areas, targeting the porous screed layers below the tiles and membranes, effectively stopping water migration to the concrete slab. Even butt joint marble and granite tiles can be carefully drilled and the holes grouted to match the surrounding tile color. Numerous references available for the Western Cape.
  • Tiled Decks
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  • Paved Decks
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  • Tiled Walkway
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  • Tiled Patio
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  • Tiled Balcony and Flower Boxes
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  • Tiled Balcony
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