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Chemical Injection and Spray Applied Waterproofing Solutions

Underground Structures
Remedial injection waterproofing for any structure below ground level without excavation

The Liquid Waterproofing Group's vast experience country-wide, stopping underground water in the mining industry and civil industry (including tunnels like the Gautrain tunnel) has certainly set us apart as the the industry leader in managing complex water migration.

Any underground structure, may it be masonry or cast concrete, with or without filled cavities, can be high pressure injected with our specialized chemical grouting products. From cavity filling to hairline crack sealing, we cater for turnkey solutions that will stop migration of water into your sub-soil structures.

Examples of typical structures:
Wine Cellars
Lift Shafts
Commercial Parking and Storage Basements
Residential Basements
Silo Tunnels
Valve Chambers
  • A typical example of a underground retaining wall in a wine cellar, that was waterproofed with our structural injection system
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  • In addition to the walls, the floor and joints between the floor and walls were also targeted to effectively tank the interior of the structure against moisture ingress
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  • Before Injection Waterproofing this particular lift shaft was flooded to ground level.
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  • Lift shaft after Injection Waterproofing
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  • Commercial Basements
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  • Residential Basements
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  • Underground tunnel in silo before Injection Waterproofing
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  • Underground tunnel in silo after Injection Waterproofing
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