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Chemical Injection and Spray Applied Waterproofing Solutions

Window and Door Frames
Remedial injection waterproofing around window and door frames without removal of frames

Properly installed DPC between your frames, and the structure, should prevent moisture from penetrating the structure. Without removal, remedial work and re-installation of the frames, management of water to the floors and wall, becomes very difficult to control. Remedial injection waterproofing can easily be done without removal of the actual frame.

By injecting into the cavity between the frame and the structure, a permanent flexible seal is formed which will stop any further penetration from the exterior.
  • Injection waterproofing between the aliminium frame and the structure to address faulty or lack of installed DPC
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  • Water seepage through the structure with resulting efflorescence
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  • Leaking window frame
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  • Window frames leaking to surrounding structure
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