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Chemical Injection and Spray Applied Waterproofing Solutions

Injection Waterproofing
Structural Injected Chemical Waterproofing

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Silo Waterproofing and Gas Sealing

Not only will we stop water ingress at small persistent areas, but we can also provide turnkey solutions for your water ingress in tunnels, round hoppers, through silo floors and walls. In addition to stopping water either above or below ground level, we can also pressure clean the interior of tubes to enable us to provide accurate pricing on repairs and internal gas sealing and waterproofing.
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Utility and Commercial Structures

Contact us to evaluate and help rectify or manage unwanted water migration through just about any concrete structure.
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Wine Cellar, Basement, Lift Shafts, Valve Chambers or Underground Structures

No need to excavate around your structure to re-apply or repair traditional membranes. Simply seal floors, retaining walls and joints with high-pressure chemical structural injection from the interior of the structure. Guaranteed.
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Leaking Window and Door Frames

In the harsh Western Cape weather, only perfectly installed frames will withstand moisture or rain ingress. A fast, effective and guaranteed method of sealing these frames can be done with chemical injection waterproofing, without removing any frames.
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Tiled Concrete Slabs or Paved Parking Decks

Unless you would like to replace your tiles, a fast and effective injection waterproofing solution will take care of your water ingress problems without removing any tiles.
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Concrete Roofs

As long as your torch-on membrane is still in reasonable condition, injection waterproofing will stop future water leakage problems, without replacing the existing membrane. Fast, effective and guaranteed.
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Expansion Joint Re-Sealing

Chemical injection sealing of expansion joints will prevent future water ingress into the core of the structure. Sub-soil joints easily treated from the intrerior of the building.
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Cracked Concrete or Leaking Construction Joints

Structural repair and permanent water sealing of cracks and construction joints in concrete, made fast and permanent with chemical grouting, combined with high-pressure chemical injection waterproofing.
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Rising Damp

Remedial injection sealing DPC layer in walls will prevent future water ingress into the core of the structure. That is without any structural changes.
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