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How it's Done
Products and Methodology

Depending on the structure and products used, a series of 5mm, 10mm and 16mm holes will be drilled into the structure to the target depth. After successful testing of the holes, the applicable product will be injected with specially designed injectors to form a seamless membrane within the structure, blocking all porous areas and pathways. Drilled holes will be re-filled or grouted.

Our Company is proud to be using our own developed and patented chemicals, providing a service where we will guarantee to control and manage your water infiltration problems.

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Poly2Flex can be classified as an emulsion grout. It is a patented polymer blend mixed with additives to promote flow and adhesion.
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DualFlex is a dual component urethane and polymer based resin that reacts rapidly with equal proportions of water to form a flexible, impermeable foam with excellent concrete and rock.
Like any superior system, Poly2Flex grout treatment is no doubt very cost effective. The cost compares favorably with the cost of alternative sealing methods.

The differences are that Poly2Flex requires less time and that much fines passages can be penetrated and sealed. The positive sealing effect of Poly2Flex makes it possible for experienced personnel to predict the likely success that can be achieved after careful inspection and evaluation of each watermark problem.

The Chemicals, be it natural or synthetic, are not used on their own but are mixed, and is applied in conjunction with certain additional chemicals.

All the chemical ingredients needed to produce P100 - Poly2Flex compound must first be dissolved, emulsified or dispersed in distilled water. Liquid ingredients, which are water soluble, that are added, are dissolved in demineralized water.

We have successfully built up a good track record by using our chemical in structures such as mines, grain silos for agricultural co-operatives, industrial and commercial buildings and items including pump houses, pipelines, car park basements, reservoirs, dams and valve chambers.

We have realized from experience over the years that Civil Engineering environments, pertaining to water leakages, are one of the toughest engineering environments in the world. We employ the best expertise and specialists in this field as well as utilizing the best international technology to successfully solve water leakage problems.
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