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  • Providing proven solutions for failed traditional waterproofing methods
  • Far less intrusive remedial solutions to existing water ingress
  • Much quicker compared to alternative conventional waterproofing
  • Addressing the sources of the ingress problem, the results can be far more accurate and measured.
  • Working inside the structure and under pressure, the injection waterproofing process will deliver quick and accurate results to your project
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" You have done an excellent job at my property. It has been a year now and it seems you have solved my (leak) problem. I will gladly refer others to you "
Danie - Hout Bay

"I think your system is by far the best!"
Lynne - Somerset West

"The major problem was solved on the first attempt, but there have been a few smaller leaks, which you eventually managed to fix. We have been very happy with the prompt and professional way in which you have attended to the problem and I have in fact mentioned and recommended you to some of my friends"
Horst - Claremont

" only with pleasure, would I recommend you to friends as I appreciate your efficient and pleasant way of working "
Monique - Durbanville

With more than 4000 Case Studies , Cape Liquid Waterproofing have accumulated a wealth of experiences with regards to waterproofing problems in general but, more specific on chemical injection waterproofing.
With the focus on solving water ingress through
chemical injection waterproofing and with case studies ranging from construction & expansion joints on large commercial properties to solving water ingress of tiled concrete patios.  Cape Liquid Waterproofing would be able to quickly evaluate if injection waterproofing is the solution for your water ingress problem. 
rising damp in foundations of residential properties, to ingress damage to aluminium door and window frames, it is with this in-depth knowledge dedication that Cape Liquid Waterproofing can provide you with a qualified opinion, fast.

Our competent experienced personnel will evaluate your problem areas, and submit a solution if your problem can be solved using our expertise and products. At no cost to you.

Basic Principals
  • Always aim to solve the source of the water ingress
  • Make sure the size of the scope of work will eliminate all additional possibilities
  • Ensure that adequate pressure can be applied to the areas of concern
  • and it will almost always ensure 100% success ratio on a waterproofing project.
It is with these principals in mind that Cape Liquid Waterproofing can provide clients with a wide range of water ingress solutions.  Just simple straight forward advice with results through experience which will save the client not only time and money, but provide guaranteed results.
With a well defined and identified water ingress problem, Cape Liquid Waterproofing would be able to share some hard earned advice.
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